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Abacus is a very popular Chinese tool used for doing Mathematical Calculations with great speed and accuracy. It’s the most simple and practical way to learn Mathematics & ABACUS has a plastic frame with colorful beads on it that are used for counting & doing the developing one’s Brainpower! Abacus uses Math as the base subject. (Graphic of Abacus)

Modern Day mathematical operations. Each bead has got a value. Moving the beads up and down does the calculations. We have a Large, Display or The Master Abacus used by Course Instructors for Illustrations in the class. The Student Abacus on the other hand is very light and can be easily carried by children.

Abacus is virtually seen as the ultimate Brainpower Development Program for today’s children! It lays foundation for a strong Mathematical Aptitude & Improves Performance in all other areas. Foreseen as the WONDER PROGRAM and often called as Math’s Magic, the use of Abacus lays foundation for ABACUS MENTAL ARITHMETIC.

The human mind is marvelous. It is naturally curious. It is continually learning and adapting to changing situations. It receives and processes data from our multiple senses. It poses and solves a wide range of problems. It can develop a high level of expertise in solving many different kinds of problems.

Over recorded history, people have worked to develop aids for the human mind and sensory system. Some of these aids are designed to overcome physical limitations of the mind/body. Examples include eye glasses, hearing aids, telescopes, and microscopes.

Other tools people have developed are designed specifically to aid the human mind. Examples include reading, writing, arithmetic, and the abacus.

Abacus has changed the way of calculations. I-Max Abacus Academy intends to reach to every child to get help from his own source of energy disclosed in his mind.

Abacus education primarily used for mental calculations.  This concept is very popular and very well accepted in US, UK, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Russia etc. and in many of these countries is being taught as a compulsory subject in the school education. It started in India, five years back in southern states and has got an overwhelming response from the parents.

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   Benefit to the students ( an abacus-trained student develops)

  bullet Better Concentration
We have created a hassle free model for the schools in which we require 2 periods of 45 minutes duration each per week all the students irrespective of class, which they are studying, can join the same batch. Two teachers from the school shall be trained for imparting training to kids. All the material, including books, abacus instrument, stopwatch etc. would be provided to students and exams would be conducted on quarterly basis. The students will be trained to match the speed of a calculator in real time.



   Benefit of Intellegence Abacus

  bullet Improve Mental Arithmetic Calculation



   Course Structure

The program is offered as 8 levels +2 more levels optional of 12 classes each. Normally a level is for a period of 3 months duration, and each class is for 2 hours duration once in a week



   Kit Details

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