Hand writing

Hand writing

Bad handwriting of students is a common concern among teachers and parents. Even persistent coxing and insistence doesn't bear any fruits. We keep on telling them to write neatly, beautifully and correctly, but never address the root of the problem: that is nobody teaches them how to write properly. They don't know the proper shape of letters, difference between capital and small alphabets, correct body posture while writing, correct way to hold the writing instrument, techniques to enhance the writing speed etc. There are no shortcuts for good handwriting.

Here at I Max, we address all these issues in a scientific manner. For handwriting improvement, we have designed a highly specialized and scientific course "Write in right way"..With our way of teaching, student learns the techniques of getting a proper posture while writing and the correct way of holding the pencil. Then they learn the writing the proper shape of letters, difference between capital and small letters, right way to join them. Then comes the practice part. With specialized and scientific practice method, developed by our in house team, writing speed of the student also improves.

"I-Max Handwriting" is a simple and effective practice base program Hindi and English both. Program duration is 3 Months to 6 Months for each script. Class duration is one hour. We don't believe in assigning home work and shifting our responsibility to parents.

I-Max Handwriting Benefits

  • Better Handwriting.
  • Better Marks .
  • Improved Confidence.
  • Excellence in Academics.

I-MAX Handwriting Program Highlights

  • Classes once or twice in a week.
  • Class duration 1 or 2 hours.
  • Program completion certificate.
  • Useful for young's and adults equally.

I-MAX Strengths

  • Specialized program for handwriting improvement.
  • Comprehensive course curriculum.
  • Highly skilled faculty.
  • World class training methodology.
Levels 8 +2 Levels.
Course Duration 2 years (Each level of 3 months)
Sessions Once a week (2 hours each)
Course Staff 2 Teachers
Eligibility Students should be in age group of 5 to 14 years
Course Kit
  • Abacus classes for kids have different books for each level including the speed writing book.
  • Book is structured level-wise and day-wise for better understanding of abacus for kids.
  • 15 rod abacus with pouch.
  • I-Max Abacus T-shirt and Bag.
  • Stationery, Pencil, Sharpener Etc.