Smart English

Smart English

Smart English is a strong foundation, is an international English Proggramme for kids between 4 to 10 years Age- Group. Smart English Program comprises of colourful and visually characters & Worksheets which lead the child through a fun world of stories, songs, drama and rhymes

About the Course

At the end of the day, English is a language and the only way to learn a language is to converse in it. How do we acquire our mother tongue? We pick it up from our environment. So it is with other languages.

  • Our course is structured such that with every lesson, there is a marked, noticeable improvement in the student's spoken English.
  • While the focus is on spoken English, grammar is incorporated into the lessons in a way that allows the student to imbibe it without actually sitting down and learning up the rules.
  • The instructor and students are expected to speak only in English once the lesson starts because it is essential to get rid of one's inhibition in order to learn a language.
  • Apart from this, the students are expected to speak in English whenever possible. It is also hoped that they will read books in English and watch English programmes and movies.
  • We will provide the students with whatever is required for them to excel at the language but at the same time, they are also expected to do their bit and we hope that at the end of the course, our students will be fluent and comfortable with the language.

Why English?

  • English is the language of the future.
  • It is a global language.
  • One can go to any country and not have a problem if one knows English.
  • Helps with employment.
  • Most professional courses use English as the medium of instruction and being comfortable with English is of paramount importance as far as interviews etc are concerned.
  • There are some children who grow up in an environment such that they learn English naturally as they grow up. When they go to school, they can already converse fluently in English. However, there are others for whom this does not hold true. This course intends to help these children.
  • Fluency in English helps one become more confident.
  • Being fluent in English is also helpful when getting married.

Smart English has been specially designed Program to develop confidence in both oral and written communication in various life related situations like :

  • Speaking about oneself.
  • Conversation with friends.
  • Traveling, going to a bank or any other place.
  • Attending an interview or party.

Specifically speaking, Smart English uses life related fun based situations to develop :

  • Fluency and confidence in oral communication.
  • Versatility in written communication.
  • Comfort in vocabulary.
  • Creativity in writing.
  • Application of English Language skills to develop the over all development.
Levels 8 +2 Levels.
Course Duration 2 years (Each level of 3 months)
Sessions Once a week (2 hours each)
Course Staff 2 Teachers
Eligibility Students should be in age group of 5 to 14 years
Course Kit
  • Abacus classes for kids have different books for each level including the speed writing book.
  • Book is structured level-wise and day-wise for better understanding of abacus for kids.
  • 15 rod abacus with pouch.
  • I-Max Abacus T-shirt and Bag.
  • Stationery, Pencil, Sharpener Etc.